Sam Resigns as Minister

Our MP, Sam Gyimah, has resigned from his post as Minister of State in the Department for Education.  Below is the text of a letter issued to Members:-

Dear Members,

I’m sure that you have been following the developments in Westminster regarding Brexit and the current deal being proposed by the Prime Minister.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading through the agreement, exploring the options it lays out and where it would leave the country going forward. It is on careful reflection that I cannot support the Government on the EU Withdrawal Agreement and as such I have tendered my resignation as Universities and Science Minister.

There were too many risks and unanswered questions regarding many areas and so I could not, in good conscience, support an approach where we surrender our voice, our vote and our veto and are irreversibly transformed from rule-makers into rule-takers, with Britain standing outside the room when key decisions affecting our future and prosperity are made.

Please see this link for more on my decision  -

I did not take this decision lightly, for I believe I had one of the best jobs in Government. Working with our world-leading Higher Education sector, working with scientists and entrepreneurs that could change the world and seeing the can-do attitude that characterises the British spirit of ingenuity and innovation.

As a former Parliamentary Private Secretary to David Cameron, I am acutely aware of the pressures on a Prime Minister. Her grit and determination throughout this process have been remarkable and she retains my utmost support.

Now I will continue to work hard for East Surrey from the backbenches and push for a deal that is right for the whole country and help us all prosper.

Yours ever,

Sam Gyimah MP