Sam's Snapshot - 3rd November 2017

After a busy first half term both up in Parliament and in East Surrey, here are five highlights from what I have been doing over the last few weeks.

Many of you will have received periodic updates on particular issues you have individually contacted me about, so if you want further details please do email me at for the latest news.


Planning & Local Plan

Local planning policy is currently based on a strategy published nearly a decade ago in 2008. The longer we go without a Local Plan, the more we are playing into the hands of speculative developers. This is not the way to preserve the quality and way of life that makes Tandridge the desirable area it is. My full statement on the Local Plan can be found here:


Crime & Policing

Several of you have written to me about concerns with local crime and on Wednesday I had a great meeting in Westminster with Chief Constable Nick Ephgrave and Assistant Chief Constable Nev Kemp of Surrey Police. This gave me the chance to raise the issues you have written to me about, as well as to discuss a crackdown on local burglaries, the importance of street-lighting, the scourge of domestic abuse and the visibility of police officers on our streets.


Gatwick Airport – Aircraft Noise

I recently organized a meeting with the Gatwick Growth Board. I made them aware that Route 3&4 are causing many of you distress and the noise levels over parts of the constituency are unacceptable. Further, there was a very productive meeting with Tim Norwood & Andy Sinclair from Gatwick which covered several upcoming pieces of work by the Noise Management Board in their attempts to mitigate overfly noise. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this meeting as planned due to a last-minute Doctor’s appointment but was given a full briefing by Crispin Blunt and his team. If you are interested in the specific long-term work Gatwick is doing around Routes 3 and 4, please drop me an email and I will send you a full update.


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

I know that Animal Welfare is a matter that is important to many of us. This being the case, I had the privilege of being given a tour by constituent and Deputy CEO Peter Laurie. Not only was it great to see the brilliant work that the shelter does, but it was good to be briefed on their educational work, animal welfare programmes, and their recent campaign to increase sentences for animal cruelty offences. For a look behind the scenes, my photos can be found here:



September and October saw many come along to one of my surgeries. Should you wish to book an appointment, please email me or phone the office on 020 7219 3504 and one of my team will be happy to book you an appointment. Surgeries are held every other Friday afternoon.


That’s it for this edition. If there are issues that haven’t been covered this time and you would like an update on what I am doing in such areas, please email me for details. On a more general note – I have written several pieces over the last few weeks. Should you wish to read any of them, they can be found on the below links:


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Best wishes,

Sam Gyimah MP