Surge in Membership for East Surrey Conservatives post Brexit!

The recent political turmoil has seen a significant rise in the public taking a greater interest in politics by becoming members of political parties.

Eithne Webster, the Chairman of East Surrey Conservative Association said:

'East Surrey Conservative Association (ESCA) has seen a surge in its number of members, particularly in the wake of the Brexit vote'.

The leadership contest that took place at the end of June and early July saw overwhelming support for Theresa May to become Prime Minister. If the final stage of the leadership contest had occurred, members would have had the chance to vote on the next leader of the Conservative Party and consequently the Prime Minister. All Conservative members can play an active role within the party by attending the annual Party Conference and voting in party elections throughout the year. The current political climate makes it a particularly exciting time to be a member of the Conservative party and being involved with ESCA is a great way to stay in the loop and get further information on what is going on that directly affects you!

As a result of the increase in new members over the last couple of months, on the 23rd September, a Welcome Drinks Reception will be held as a celebration of the strengthened commitment to the Conservative party. Sam Gyimah, the MP for East Surrey will be there which makes this event a fantastic opportunity to meet your local MP.

Anyone who becomes a member before the 15th September will have an opportunity to attend.  The easiest way to join is via the website:- 

or if you have any questions about the event  contact Eithne Webster, Chairman of the East Surrey Conservative Association, at