Surrey’s public value reviews find £280m of savings

An efficiency programme of Public Value Reviews (PVRs) launched by Surrey County Council leader David Hodge has uncovered savings of £280 million.

The figure was reached three years after the drive started to ensure residents receive the best possible services and maximum value for money.

With five left to go, the council has revealed that the 25 PVRs completed have unearthed total savings of £280m by 2016*.

Savings over four years include:

  • More than £28m from the highways review that included a new road maintenance and improvement contract with May Gurney that saves £4.1m a year on the previous deal and sees potholes fixed faster.
  •  Nearly £26m in the council’s environment and infrastructure service through striking better deals with suppliers and working more closely with other councils and organisations, including the SE7 collaboration of local authorities.
  • Almost £12m through taking a new approach to young people’s services and has seen more youth work provided.


Other savings include £15.8m through a push to help people with physical and learning disabilities stay in their homes and communities and more than £34m by driving harder bargains on new contracts.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge said: “By doing things more efficiently and through working with other organisations as one team, we will save nearly £280m for taxpayers while still providing excellent services to Surrey’s residents.

“All the recommendations in the reviews were made by our own staff instead of using consultants and I applaud them for their efforts. They have ensured value for money is at the heart of everything the council does.

“I’m very pleased to say that the Audit Commission agrees, with the District Auditor praising us for our efforts to reduce the amount of taxpayers’ money we spend each year despite rising pressures such as demand for adult social care and the continuing need to maintain our road network.”

* which is equivalent to more than a third of the council’s annual budget.